Jo Long Bong

Jiu long bongLong distinguished as one of the most dangerous tongs, Jo Long Bong (aka “Nine Dragons” or “Jiu Long” or “Kowloon”) was organized by nine hardened street criminals who fancied themselves the embodiment of nine great dragons. Luckily, this tong has been mostly content with terrorizing the sizable Chinese population of Persephone and nearby worlds, though it is looking to expand.

But though they are based on Persephone, their reach extends far afield. Every spacer worth his luh suh ship knows at least ne utterly ruthless, reliable contract killer who carries the gang’s calling card—a medallion depicting nine dragon heads, which he proudly leaves at kills. If you run across one of these assassins, you know someone has paid dearly for him.

According to Alliance reports, Jo Long Bong numbers around three thousand five hundred strong and is gaining new recruits every day. Three of the nine original long toh (“Dragon Head”) have retired and one was killed in a recent skirmish with the hated Shing Moh Tong on Beaumonde. The others are sill in place. The nine leaders shared equal power, though one, Aflendar Qin, stood out because he purportedly masterminded the incredibly ballsy heist of priceless artifacts of Sihnon and the savvy to coerce a beautiful and famous Companion to work with him. The Dragon leaders strive to cultivate an air of mystery, demanding that their subordinates revere them as the fantastical creatures. They rarely make themselves known to their associates, preferring to relay their wishes through trusted seconds. So, although members may know the nine by name, only the long toh duh closest confidants can identify them in person.

Jo Long practically owns half of the Eavesdown Docks on Persephone, where there’s enough jo’s—the Chinese character for nine—scrawled on walls to leave no doubt as to who rules this territory. The docks are also teeming with “brothers” the Nine Dragons forcibly push administrators and laborers into hiring. You can’t go anywhere without bumping into someone sporting approved gang tattoos and they don’t bother hiding their affiliations. Doing business in the Nine Dragons part of Eavesdown requires “paying respect” to the tong, normally in additional credits. Most folk figure it’s worth the cost, since things are less likely to go wrong if you’re under the gang’s protection (providing you do nothing to upset them). They also “license” places for folk to set up shop on the docks (no government authority is foolish enough to challenge the Dragons on their turf). It’s an open secret among seasoned spacers that if you have specific business with the Nine Dragons, head for Dock Nine—and steer clear of that dock if you don’t!

Jo Long Bong

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