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I’d like to be the King of all Londinium and wear a shiny hat.”―Malcolm Reynolds

Londinium is the second planet from Bai Hu and has two moons: Colchester and Balkerne. It is also orbited by a Federal Supply Annex.

Londinium is the home of the Alliance government. It houses a vast population of 4.5 billion people.

The capital of Londinium, and thus the Alliance government, is New Cardiff.

Of all the planets discovered by the initial pioneers from Earth-That-Was, Londinium (sometimes seen as Londinum) was the most earth-like and therefore one of the first to be settled. Most of the original colonists from the European and American continents came to Londinium where they honored their roots by combining old tradition with new technology.

All the buildings on Londinium are constructed of the most modern materials but look as if they were built of stone and are of archaic design, capturing the old “imperial Gothic” of London from Earth-That-Was.

Most of the folks that live on Londinium work for the government or for the business that deal with it. The Alliance Parliament building and the government complex that surrounds it are the most impressive sights on the planet. As big as a small city, the Parliament building contains the great debating chamber (“The House”) while the surrounding building complex provides offices for the vast civil bureaucracy. It’s most visible feature is the giant clock tower that has become the planet’s symbol.

The planet is also home to the greatest collections of western art in the system. the Londinium Museum, which contains the Museum of History and the Museum of Art, holds all manner of treasures from the early days of colonization as well as ancient artifacts from Earth-That-Was.

Londinium is also the center of Alliance control and thus has a strong military presence. The Alliance flagship, IAV Victoria, patrols its space. It is also home to the elite SAS (Special Alliance Support) troops. Londinium is also home to the Ministry of Intelligence.




Federal Supply Annex

Places of Note

New Cardiff

Special Restrictions
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Londinium is heavily restricted with “no fly” zones above and around all government buildings. Any ship venturing near these areas is shot down without warning.

Tourists arrive on Londinium via authorized shuttles that travel to and from other Core worlds. They may only visit approved areas—anyone caught venturing outside the approved areas without proper ID is immediately arrested.

Most trade and civilian vessels cannot approach large population centers without proper clearance from Orbital Security, Global Airspace Control and local administrators.

Military vessels operate under a separate mandate and, although regulated, move with relative freedom throughout Londinium’s air space. Special dispensation is also granted for governmental, diplomatic, and some Blue Sun vessels.

As with other major worlds, Londinium occasionally cordons off small blackout zones where illegal activity has suddenly escalated or it’s suspected there may be a large criminal element.


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