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Persephone is the first planet in orbit of the protostar Lux in the Bu Hai system. It is orbited by two moons (Hades and Renao) as well as by the Manchester Colony complex and the Antillia Junk Emporium. It is home to a robust population of 2.5 billion people. Its location at the edge of the system has inspired its nickname of “Gateway to the Verse”.

PersephoneEnvironmentally, Persephone is very similar to Earth-That-Was. The planet has both a diverse climate, terrain, and population. The planet is ruled by an aristocratic class that is extremely proud of their pedigree. Nevertheless, it is entirely possible to buy a title with enough coin or influence.

Eavesdown Docks is the largest spaceport on Persphone—and one of the most notorious in the ’Verse. It sprawls across acres of street vendors, slums, and warehouses. The docks have a robust criminal element, petty “lords” ruling their turf and doing a brisk business in collecting illegal salvage and moving contraband on- and off-world. The docks also provide plenty of opportunities for young hot-shot pilots to find work.

Persephone is also home to the Southdown Abbey, a sanctuary for Shepherds and other pilgrims wishing to get away from material concerns.

Robertson Erasmus Laramie maintains his various business concerns from his headquarters in the capital city of Demeter.

During the Unification War, Persephone was firmly an Alliance planet and “pro-Unification”. In 2511, the two protostars Lux and Murphy made their closest approach to each other, making the worlds of Persephone and the Independent-held Hera of vital strategic importance.




Manchester Colony

Antillia Junk Emporium

Places of Interest


Southdown Abbey

Eavesdown Docks

Chinese Community

Like most everyone else on Persephone, the Chinese are barely scraping by. A lot of folk eke out a living pushing hot bun carts or pulling rickshaws through the streets. Those seeking employment stake out spots on the pads and wait for offers of temp work off-world. Needless to say the Tongs are very active on this world—especially the Nine Dragons tong, who has the run of a goodly portion of Eavesdown Docks.


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