Proxville was established on the planet of St Albans by the Proxima Mining Corporation. It began as the initial expedition camp and soon expanded to become a township.

Proxima abandoned the town after the mines had mostly played themselves out for industrial use. They sold most of their shares to Delilah Ward McKensie, with others being sold to her rival and local competitor Novis Harlington.

The entire town is in an underground complex built into the side of a mountain. It doesn’t have much in the way of amenities. There is a small spaceport and minimal, basic supplies could be had from merchants in town.

The mines supply most of the income and jobs to Proxville. There are multiple mining sites within a 20 mile radius of the town proper—all of them accessible by underground rail or by tunnel. Most of these mines produce iron and nickel, though the claims owned by McKensie Enterprises are starting to show titanium.

Cortex access in Proxville is often delayed anywhere from one to ten hours due to the hellacious storms going on across the surface of the planet.

Law and order hasn’t been a real issue in Proxville. Most folks look to Miss Delilah for guidance and justice—or take care of it on their own. The nearest Alliance outpost is on Porthos station in the next system—a response, if made, would be weeks in the making.


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