Rio is a small settlement nestled in the hills on Jiangyin (see Blame It On Rio).

Rio is situated near what the locals simply call “the river”. The town is nestled in a narrow valley amongst a large number of hills. The climate is temperate, though the winter can get harsh unexpectedly.

The town is sustained primarily by numerous small silver mining claims for sites in the nearby hills. Some ranching is also springing up in the wilds outside of the settlement, as well as subsistence farming.

There is no law in Rio, something that some folks take advantage of from time to time. Further, many of the citizens of Rio left the Core to escape something or another…

Points of Interest

Wayne K. Douglas Airfield

This is a large, flat bit of land that has been fenced off by Mr. Douglas for the use of landing transports that bring supplies to the town from off-world. It lies about 7 miles from the town proper. Mr. Douglas charges a flat fee of 1 CR per day for the use of the field. He will allow a septic flush into a nearby reservoir but has no capacity for re-fueling.

Tommy Shalhoub’s Saloon and Oyster Parlour
Livery Stables
Mac’s Shop

Mac’s Shop is comprised of a large barn, a forge, and a workshop. Hamish MacPherson (Mac) is a formidable man with large red sideburns and a foul mouth…but he knows his tech. He is the “go to” man in town for repairs and the creation of various gadgets and such. He also prefers to trade with incoming ships for mech/tech bits in lieu of cash.

Southern Star Hotel

Ilsa Bornhaldt, prop. Ilsa is a middle-aged plump woman who looks and carries herself like a former saloon dancer. Nevertheless, the Southern Star is a “class establishment”. The hotel is a two story structure (5 rooms 1st floor, 10 rooms above) with communal bathrooms on each floor. Kitchen, dining room/restaurant.

Doc Yu

Doctor Imogene Yu operates a small practice near the center of town, though she lives in a small home about a mile outside of town. She is irascible and cranky but dedicated. Hill folk have tried to take her five times; she now travels armed.

Colonel Liam Harden
Tanglefoot Saloon

Classy establishment: clean, honest. Famous for its “muleskinner” drink (whiskey with blackberry liquor). Frequented by local bum called “Shakespeare”.


Petra Lacroix, prop. 2 Faro, 2 poker tables. Small, not that clean. Stocked with 8-10 “unregistered companions” of both sexes. Rules her place with an iron fist and the help of her “associate” Bill Tucker, a mean lookin’ thug that carries a sawed-off shotgun and a long knife. Rivals with Eustace Guerro.

Miss Ippy’s Boarding House
T. S. Bradshaw, Mercantile

Titus Silva Bradshaw (TS), proprietor. Clean mercantile store. Carries most “basic” supplies, very little tech [HEROIC]

Sanson’s General Merchandise

Carter Sanson, prop. The store is a bit of a mess, but many goods available, including some tech [HARD]. Rivals with T. S. Bradshaw. Mike O’Reilly has been staying here and working as a stocker/sweeper.


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