Rosen Group

The Rosen Group is a corporate conglomerate based on Persephone.

They often hire contractors to move materials from one planet to another for various concerns. One such contractor/procurer is Jim Biggby (see Unification Day).

Based on Persephone and started about eight years ago (2511) by a group of investors headed by Orson Rosen of Demeter. Rosen has since passed away and his daughter Mignon has taken the reins of the company.

  • Orson Rosen, Lord : Former Member of Parliament (MP) with the Persephonean delegation to the Upper House of Parliament, ruthless business man, and war-hawk for the Alliance during the war. Known in Demeter for his fiery temper and lavish parties. The Rosen Group was one of his last projects and rumor has it that it was used to save him from bankruptcy under his previous risky investments during the War.

Current Executives:

  • CEO: Mignon Rosen : Only daughter of Orson Rosen. Referred as Leng Mo Mu Feng (“frigid queen bee”) by the society press. She does hold parties and events in society, but most are considered “dry affairs”. She did not inherit her father’s title, only his businesses. She has an estate in Demeter and also a small island home on Newhall. Salary: 460,000 CR (approx. $11.5 mil.)
  • CFO: Keynes Waltherscheid : Was a protege of Orson Rosen and worked with him for fifteen years before Rosen’s death. Appears seldom in society pages but mention is always made of his “confirmed bachelorhood”. Known to be genial and brilliant in matters of finance, which is apt due to his namesake. Salary: 300,000 CR (approx. $7.5 mil.)

The Rosen Group is a conglomerate: it essentially owns and manages a great deal of other companies it has acquired; a list of which is provided on the Cortex. Thus it has multiple interests and divisions.

Federal financial reports show a stable company with very modest profits (for a conglomerate). No major scandals show up on Cortex news reports. The philanthropic division (“Human Services”) is probably the most public division, managing the affairs of the Rosen Foundation.

The Rosen Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization which works to provide “the kind of life every child of the universe deserves.” They donate technology and land to schools, assist in frontier settlements by sending medical supplies and other goods, create scholarships for impoverished students, etc. They receive money from literally thousands of donors every year: some individuals, some corporations. As a non-profit it is only required to list publicly those that make large donations: 1000 CR or more per year. Obviously, the Rosen Group is a major donor. Usually the donations are not earmarked for a particular task or project (the exceptions being disaster relief and special events like that). All monies go into the general fund and are then distributed according to the annual budget.

Last years’ (2518) investments involved some shifting of assets primarily from mineral interests in the Hera system. These mineral interests were small, private companies that apparently have closed up shop. One company in particular, Parkson Mining, has a Ministry of Justice flag on its Cortex node with a notice:

Pursuant to the UAP Criminal Code Title 18, Chapter 32, § 641, all assets of this corporation have been seized as part of an investigation of criminal activity.

Any information pertinent to the criminal investigation of this business concern and its ownership should be forwarded to the Ministry of Justice.

There are limits to what financial statements are required to be public. Every last transaction of the company does not have to be posted on the Cortex or be provided for the asking. Only major investments, mergers, acquisition of companies, tax statements, etc.

Rosen Group

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