Shadow tease

The prairies of Shadow stretched out so far under such a clear sky that a man could see from here to God’s plan — Malcolm Reynolds

Shadow is the third planet in orbit of the protostar Murphy in the Georgia system. It has three natural satellites (Bransons Mark, Ossolambria, and Summerfair) and is also orbited by Liberty Station, a trading post that was abandoned during the Unification War

Shadow was known for its grain farms and cattle ranches. The planet was almost entirely rural, with small towns dotting the countryside. While it had a few impressive towns, there were no actual cities. Its people were hard workers and independent-minded. Shadow was one of the first worlds to stand against the aggression of the Alliance. Most of its young people volunteered to fight for Independence.

The aggressive bombing of Shadow during the war was meant to teach the Browncoats a lesson about the might of the Alliance. Instead, the bombing only hardened the resolve of those who fought and increased the Browncoats’ hatred of their enemy. Those few from Shadow who survived this difficult time lost loved ones, their lives forever changed.

These days, all that is left is charred and blackened rock. Shadow today is a ghost planet. No one lives there. No one can.

Since the War, Parliament has chosen not to reinvest in a full atmosphere processor network. Instead, a small group of Reclamation Hubs have been deployed. Extending deep underground, these Hubs do limited preparatory terraforming while mining some of the richest ore veins in Allied space.

Shadow is the home planet of Morgan Colt McKensie (“Colt”) and his family.


Landing on Shadow requires special dispensation from the Alliance central government. The formidable IAV Beobachter patrols the sector and monitors all incoming/outgoing traffic from the planetary system.


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