St Albans

StalbansSt. Albans (sometimes Saint Albans) is the sixth planet from Zhu Que. It has one natural satellite (Pi Gu).

One of the coldest planets in the ‘Verse, St. Albans’ terrain is almost entirely mountainous. What really makes St Albans a whole lot of unpleasant is the gorram weather, for it snows almost continually. The entire planet is covered in drifts, even during what some laughingly call summer.

The people here (some 30 million of them) are a hardy folk. The principal work is mining the world’s rich mineral deposits. The Consortium’s not interested due to the harsh climate. The planet is divided into claims that the inhabitants prospect for whatever they can find.

Theirs is a tough and lonely life, so the folk have developed a very strong community. It is said that if you offend one of them, you have offended all of them. The reverse is true, however: if you make one friend on St. Albans, the entire community will look out for you.

Items of Note

Delilah Ward McKensie settled on St. Albans after the evacuation of Shadow. She and Colt‘s uncle Dexter have lived in Proxville since their arrival during the War. Here she established McKensie Enterprises, a small corporation primarily concerned with the mining claims originally established by the Proxima Mining Corporation (see Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner).

Ice Dragon Pass is a treacherous canyon of rock and ice that the local pilots around Proxville use for sport. During her stay there, the crew of Acorn established the record for the run.

St Albans

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