The Border

The so-called “Border” worlds were settled not long after those in the Core. They were more difficult to terraform, but as the people’s need for rocks, food, and space grew, the Alliance was quick to expand.

The “Border” is essentially the designation given to the two star systems that are in joint orbit around the central Bai Hu system: Zhu Que and Georgia. In addition, each of these systems have protostar systems within their orbits (Himinbjorg and Heinlein in Red Sun and Murphy within Georgia).

The Border planets are near enough to the central planets that they have business dealings with those on the Core. However, the Border worlds are far enough away that the eyes of the Alliance can’t always make out what’s going on. As a result, Border worlds are excellent locales for certain unscrupulous folk from the Core to conduct business dealings “in private.” The irony is that these same folks are all in favor of the rules and regulations that govern business dealings throughout the system…just as long as those rules and regulations don’t affect them. A few of the more eccentric of these folk will stay, wanting to “get away from it all” by building fortress-like compounds to separate them from their lessers.

The Border planets are the best and worst of all possible worlds. Tall, elegant skyscrapers and magnificent mansions stare down their steel noses at cardboard hovels and crowded slums. You can buy anything on the Border planets, from someone to pick off your worst enemy to a pink ruffled dress that looks like a layer cake. Landing on some worlds is supposedly regulated but traffic is so heavy that most of the harried Alliance officials who try to police it throw up their hands in frustration…and sometimes don’t even bother to ask what your business is (and probably don’t want to know…).

The Border Worlds

To the Core… To the Rim

The Worlds of Zhu Que (Red Sun)

Primary Worlds Jiangyin Rosetta Motherlode Greenleaf Harvest St Albans Ansons World Jubilee
Secondary Bodies Tongyi Maria Dyton Farraday Pi Gu Spider Covenant
Dangun Destiny Agyar Higgins’ Moon Varley
Rhilidore Brysons Rock Steele
Artificial Bodies Wayland Station Concord Bazaar
Federal Penal Colony Security Station
Himinbjorg (Protostar)
Primary Worlds Aesir Moab Brisingamen Anvil
Secondary Bodies Bestla Red Rock Freya Hammer
Borr Mesa Alberich
Odin Beowulf
Heinlein (Protostar)
Primary Worlds Triumph Paquin Lazarus Silverhold
Secondary Bodies Mycroft Shinbone Dora Beggars Tin
Port Chester

The Worlds of Huang Long (Georgia)

Primary Worlds Ezra Regina Boros Kerry Ithaca Prophet Elphame
Secondary Bodies Herschel Alexandria Ares Madcap Priam Perdido Summerhome
Turrents Moon Dunny Fiddlers Green
New Vienna
Artificial Bodies Adelai Niska’s Skyplex Roeston Gates
Primary Worlds Di Yu Athens Daedalus Newhope Three Hills Meadow Murphy
Secondary Bodies Yama Anooie Arvads Helm The Commons New Lafayette Salyut (see below)
Argabuthon Notterdam Splendor Conrad Mir
Ormuzd Rea Godforsaken Bob
Whitefall Box
Artificial Bodies Tachyon Labs
Murphy (Protostar)
Primary Worlds Hera Aphrodite Shadow
Secondary Bodies Bullet Sturges Bransons Mark
Eris Hill Ossolambria
Perdition Penal Facility Thornley Summerfair
Artificial Bodies Wendell’s Ferry Liberty Station
Hanuman Docks
Romer’s Bazaar

The Border

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