The Border Belt

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The Border Belt is a string of asteroids that separates the Core system of Bai Hu from the rest of the Verse.

Scientists widely believe that the belt represents the remains of a long ago explosion of a great planet (termed “Proteus”) during the formation of the system. The cause of such an explosion is the subject of wide speculation throughout astronomical circles. There are some larger asteroids, planetoids in their own rights, orbiting within the belt. Terraforming processes have yet to begin on these obscure bodies.

Border beltThe belt is comprised of a number of explored regions that are dotted with mining stations and possible ambush points for pirates and other badmen. As one can see, the belt is relatively narrow, though its orbit is wide enough to form an effective border around the central system.

The belt is not particularly difficult to fly through—it looks dense on a map but the various bodies that comprise it are miles apart. Smaller craft usually have no troubles, though larger cruisers may need to plot a less-direct course. Much of the traffic through the belt is slowed to heavy mining operations in place on the various rocks. It can, however, be treacherous due to pirate attacks and various operations defending their territories.

The Border Belt

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