The Core

CoreThese planets were the first to be terraformed and colonized and eventually formed the Alliance in hopes of bringing peace and prosperity to the less fortunate outlying worlds.

The Core (aka “the central planets”) are considered by most to be a wonderland of peace and technology. All citizens have enough to eat. They work in glistening skyscrapers and live in high-rise apartment buildings. The grass is green and the skies are clear and no one wants for anything. That’s if you believe the Alliance propaganda…

To be fair, that propaganda is mostly true. Most folk on the Core worlds are content. They lead comfortable lives, with time and leisure to spend with their families. Their children all have access to the best quality education and health care. Even the poor who live in the Core rarely want for shelter or food. If they have to trade away some of their freedom to get this, they would tell you it was worth it. These are the same folk who can’t understand why other folk on the outer worlds fought so hard against it.

Still, contrary to what the Alliance might want everyone to think, not everyone on the Core is well-to-do. Those who aren’t wealthy don’t find life much better than those living out on the rim. They may be better schooled, and their work might not involve dirt collecting beneath their fingernails, but there are plenty of folk who don’t much like their lot in life. Trapped in repetitive, unimaginative jobs, viewing nothing but the four low walls of a cube all day, they have the watchful eye of the Alliance on them at every turn. There is so much surveillance on a Core world “to prevent crime and ensure the safety of citizens” that almost everything a person does is recorded on a monitor somewhere.

The authorities will tell you that crime is almost on-existent on the Central Planets, since their scanners are almost everywhere. Still, folk being folk, there are some who manage to find a way to poke the Alliance in its electronic eye now and then.

The Core Worlds

The “Core Worlds” or “Central Planets” are essentially the bodies found in the Bai Hu or White Sun system.

To the Border… To the Rim

The Worlds of Bai Hu (White Sun)

Primary Worlds Bernadette Londinium Sihnon Liann Jiun Gonghe Rubicon Osiris Qin Shi Huang
Secondary Bodies Nautilus Colchester Airen Tiantan Xing Yun Epeuva (see below)
Spinrad Balkerne Xiaojie Fu Tannhauser
Artificial Bodies Kwan Yin Annex Federal Supply Annex Gowye Kameyo Station
Primary Worlds Valentine Bellerophon Ariel Albion Lux The Border Belt
Secondary Bodies Selene Tyrins Ariopolis Avalon (see below)
Chons Xanthus Shiva
Parth Poseidon
Artificial Bodies Federal Deep Space Academy

Qin Shi Huang (Protostar)

Primary Worlds Solace Santo
Secondary Bodies Tethys
New Luxor
Artificial Bodies Eros Resort

Lux (Protostar)

Primary Worlds Persephone Pelorum
Secondary Bodies Hades Kaleidoscope
Artificial Bodies Antillia Junk Emporium
Manchester Colony

The Core

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