The Rim

The “Rim” is the term generally used to describe the two outermost systems of the Verse: Kalidasa and Blue Sun.

Out on the farthest edges of the system, life can be quite challenging. The Rim worlds are the latest results of terrforming technology, only recently settled, and raw and untamed.

A citizen of the central planets who wakes up on a Rim world might think he’s traveled backwards in time: people riding horses and shooting six guns. Yet, here and there, you can still find the technology of the 26th century, from Cortex access terminals to high-security bank vaults.

While the Alliance government has a presence on the Rim, its grip is more than a mite looser here than elsewhere. Each world has a Governor, each moon a magistrate. As long as the general peace is kept and the proper reports are filed, such powerful figures may pretty much do as they please, least as far as the Alliance is concerned. Some government officials. Some not. Same here as most everywhere else in the ’Verse.

The comforts of civilization common to the Core Worlds just aren’t so here. Technology and power are far more expensive out on the outer worlds and moons, so folk have to make due without. People ride horseback, farm with archaic tools, and resort to entertainment that doesn’t require electricity or batteries to operate. While some folk dream of luxuries available on the central planets, others enjoy the freedom of open air and hard toil. In their own way, they’re as stuck-up as the Core worlders, looking down their noses at soft folk who’ve never dug a ditch or mucked a horse stall.

Folk can’t count on help coming right away (or at all), so they are accustomed to taking care of themselves and their own. Frontier folk are usually armed, ready to draw at a moment’s notice. The lack of government interference and monitoring has made the Rim a haven for outlaws, outcasts, and shady business folk, as well as a middle class who started to feel like their own planets were getting too crowded for comfort. There is money to be made on the outer worlds, something plenty are just now figuring out.

The Rim Worlds

To the Core… To the Border

The Worlds of Xuan Wu (Kalidasa)

Primary Worlds Sho-Je Downs Verbena Constance Glacier Vishnu Heaven Angel Delphi
Secondary Bodies Miyazaki Lassek Barrowclough Denali Ganesha Urvasi Zephyr Clio
Kuan Lo Barrimend Disraeli Rama Menaka Thalia
Rambha Calliope
Artificial Bodies New Berthod Observatory Porthos Station
Cerberus Colony
Primary Worlds New Kasmir Whittier Penglai Ghost Aberdeen Zeus Beaumonde Djinns Bane Salisbury
Secondary Bodies Skardu Ita (see below) Inferno Vesta Isabel Hastur Illat Lennox
Xibalia Sophie Geneva Hilal
Victoria Hubal
Delynn Sin
Gayle Ta’Lab
Betty Wadd
Primary Worlds Beylix Newhall Oberon Six Sigma Swarm
Secondary Bodies Charity Severance Puck Lear
Cinote Darcke Quince
St Lucius Mohenrichia Bottom
Artificial Bodies Federal Shipyard Station

The Worlds of Qing Long (Blue Sun)

Primary Worlds Meridian New Canaan Muir Fury Uroboros
Secondary Bodies Burnet Ugarit Arminius Coldstone
Lilac Shepherds Mission Blackwood
Seventh Circle
Primary Worlds Highgate Dragons Egg Deadwood Shenzhou Burnham Quadrant
Secondary Bodies Stonewall Yudhishtira Haven Tiangong (see below)
Perth Bhima New Omaha
Artificial Bodies Cliodna Station
Burnham Quadrant
Primary Worlds Miranda
Secondary Bodies Caliban

The Rim

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