The Widow Wellfounder

Last time on Swan Song…

Soon after their departure from Hera and the debacle of Seven Arks of Cibola, Acorn received a wave from Ezra in the Heinlein system on the Rim:

Hailing Acorn with an urgent message. Hailing Acorn. I need to speak with Jim Wellfounder. The message is urgent.

The message came from an elegant woman in her mid-forties with long red hair piled high on her head in an old-fashioned style.

There was an 8 hour delay with the message due to the distance.

Mad recorded a reply, notifying the sender that Wellfounder had passed away and that the crew may be willing to help.

The return message: I am sorry to hear of Jim’s passing. But my need is nevertheless still urgent. My name is Virgina Wellfounder. Are you willing to come to Ezra?

Act I: Introductions Are In Order

Act II: Payback’s a Wong Ba Duhn

The Widow Wellfounder

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