Imogene Yu (Doc)

Frontier Physician


Imogene Yu is a small, wiry woman with black hair tied into a tight bun. She also wears brass-framed spectacles with green-tinted lenses. She is cranky and irascible but dedicated to her job.


Doc Yu operates a small practice near the center of the Rio settlement on Jiangyin. She also has a small farmhouse just outside of town.

Since being assaulted by the hill folk on five separate occasions, the Doc has taken to carrying a pistol. She’s been target shooting out on her farm.

When the hostages from Hands Across the Stars were taken, she attempted to raise a posse to go save them but could get no support from the town (see Blame It On Rio).

Doc Yu is originally from Sihnon, studied medicine on Osiris, and moved to Rio during the War after serving on a volunteer medical team on the Alliance side. Her father gave her the diagnostic specs as a gift for graduating from the Medical Academy.

Imogene Yu (Doc)

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