Gale Snoats

Illegal Salvage, Co-Owner of Shao Yi


Gale is a large man, probably in his late twenties or early thirties, with greasy, slick hair combed into a duck-tail with mutton chops. He talks slowly, like he’s thinking about every word, and tries to come off as more intelligent than he really is. He’s level-headed, though, and often tries to talk folks into not hurting his more twitchy brother, Evelle.


Life: 14


Friends in Low Places (m)
Mean Left Hook (m)
Loyal (Evelle Snoats) (m)
Greedy (m)


Covert : d6 / Streetwise d8
Guns : d6
Influence : d6
Mech. Engineering : d6 / Salvage d8
Melee Weapons : d6
Perception : d6 / Search d8
Pilot : d4
Tech. Engineering : d6
Unarmed combat : d6 / Brawler d8


Gale Snoats is the definitely the better half of the Snoats brothers. His little brother, Evelle Snoats, is a three-time loser, a loose-cannon whose only good attribute is the good fortune to have a brother like Gale.

Both of the Snoats brothers grew up in the sticks in a small town called Noose on Ezra to an abusive Shepherd father and a drink-addled mother. Once Gale turned 15, he took his 12 year old brother with him to Calhoun and never looked back.

Over the years Evelle’s done small-time in various local lock-ups for minor infractions—usually taking offense at little provocation and acting before thinking or Gale can calm him down. In the interim, Gale would try to raise money for his bond or so they both eat when Evelle finally got out.

During the War the brothers hooked up with a man called McCullough, running whiskey (and other untaxed goods) around the Rim-worlds, selling to Alliance and Browncoat alike.

After the war, he and his brother bought a Wren-class ship christened Shao Yi and have been making a living selling illegal salvage on the Rim.

Gale Snoats

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