Hamish "Mac" MacPhereson

Frontier Tech Engineer


Mac owns a large barn with an adjacent workshop and forge on the Rio settlement on Jiangyin (see Blame It On Rio).

Hamish MacPhereson (everyone calls him “Mac”) is a formidable-looking man with wide ride sideburns and a foul mouth. He is a brilliant mechanical and technical engineer and often haggles with the crews of incoming ships for tech bits for his shop.

Mac also has a MacPhereson’s Fearsome Firearm (aka Nellie), a personal gatling/mini-gun that he has developed and keeps in a locked case in his shop. He only brings her out in emergencies.


Mac is one of the more powerful figures in Rio, both for the force of his personality and the brilliance he displays with technical and mechanical projects.

His pride and joy is a hover car that he “tinkers” with regularly that is kept inside his large barn. Few have seen it and no one touches it but Mac.

Hamish "Mac" MacPhereson

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