Mike O'Reilly ("Miracle Mike")

Pilot and Ladies Man


“What’s a colorful young thing like yourself doing in a dive like this?”

Mike is a man of average height with “russet-colored” hair, a tanned and weathered complexion, and going a little to seed in his middle years. He has a charismatic smile and manner that has gotten him out of many a scrape, but an amorous nature that tends to put him there. He generally will do a lot for money and frequently doesn’t have any, despite the fact that he tends to get lucky a lot.


Mike was the pilot/owner of a long distance shuttle called Minstrel’s Kiss. He was Mad’s first boss and was also her lover while she flew on the Minstrel. She left when things started getting tense between her and her employer due to their trysts and due to a need to get out further in the ’Verse.

Mike ran into Mad again at Rio on Jiangyin (see Blame It On Rio). Apparently he had lost the Minstrel to creditors about a year previous and was flying with an NGO outfit called “”/campaign/swan-song/wikis/hands-across-the-stars" class=“wiki-page-link”>Hands Across the Stars". They had come to Jiangyin to deliver food and other aid to the colonials. A team got captured by the “hill folk”. Mike got away but by that time the ship had left without him…the team was due to stay anyway and he had apparently slept with the co-pilot’s girlfriend (Teegan), not endearing himself to her at all. As a result, Mike was stuck on Jiangyin until he cold bum a ride to civilization.

Mike O'Reilly ("Miracle Mike")

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