"Cibola" Sourcebox

Exodus-Era information device


The sourcebox is a Newtech information device containing data on exogeology dating back to the Exodus.
• Designed to update itself via the Cortex but all of its ports are outdated and it has been set to a Locked position (INCREDIBLE Tech. Eng. to create a workaround)
• Could also serve as a communicator, though it is configured for frequencies no longer in use.
• 18”x24” with two handles. It is about 24” thick with a touchscreen that takes up most of one of the surfaces. Recessed on one side are several outmoded port connections. (AR 4W, 10 LP).
• It is also made of a “smart” plastic that can heal itself up to 5 LP (1/day) or can be immersed in a “smart” plastic chem.-bath for further repairs.


This box was formerly part of the collection of the parliamentarian Samuel Longhaven. It was stolen by Lou Cabeza at the behest of the Syndicate.

It may, or may not, contain information on the fabled Seven Arks of Cibola, a lost fleet of Exodus-era ships that is reputed to have made the trip from Earth-That-Was but never arrived in the ’Verse. Vast treasures of old Terran technology and resources are reputed to be still available on the Arks.

The last the box was seen, it was being handed over to Syndicate operatives on Quivira, along with Lou Cabeza. Neither have been seen since… (see The Seven Arks of Cibola).

"Cibola" Sourcebox

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