The Verse

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Here you’ll find some useful bits of information about the wide and wonderful ’Verse. Keep in mind that the ’Verse is wide and deep…that is to say this is far from a comprehensive listing of pertinent facts.

The Black

The worlds of the Verse orbit a cluster of five star systems: Bai Hu (aka White Sun or “the white tiger of the west”); Zhu Que (aka Red Sun or “the red phoenix of the south”); Huang Long (aka “Georgia” or “the yellow dragon of the center”); Xuan Wu (aka “Kalidasa” or “the black tortoise of the north”); and Qing Long (aka “Blue Sun” or “the blue dragon of the east”).

White Sun is home to the Core planets and is the central system around which the other stars of the cluster orbit. The so-called The Border worlds are those in the Red Sun and Georgia systems. The Rim is comprised of the Kalidasa and Blue Sun Systems.

The Core

The Core (aka “the central planets”) are considered by most to be a wonderland of peace and technology…(more)

The Border

The Border planets are near enough to the central planets that they have business dealings with those on the Core. However, the Border worlds are far enough away that the eyes of the Alliance can’t always make out what’s going on… (more)

The Rim

Out on the farthest edges of the system, life can be quite challenging. The Rim worlds are the latest results of terrforming technology, only recently settled, and raw and untamed…(more)

World chart

Gorram Chinese

Once the exodus of mankind had begun, the close quarters and difficult survival conditions in space broke down traditional barriers of language and culture. After a full generation had lived and died in the massive convoy of ships slowly trudging from star to star, the average person was at least bi-lingual and had a very multicultural outlook. A person’s ethnicity became far less important than competence and character.

Thus many generations later, the children of Earth-That-Was don’t think much back to the days of colonization, but continue the legacy by their almost universal fluency in both English and Chinese. Culture and language have both continued to evolve, with economics becoming a primary dividing line. It is easy to distinguish a person from the central planets from one born and raised out on the Rim. Slang and linguistic shortcuts are used on the frontier, though some have filtered back into the refined speech usually found on worlds of the Core. — Serenity RPG

Chinese-English Dictionary
Slang (Frontier and Otherwise)

The Verse

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