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This Tian é (Swan) class is a “no-frills” mid-bulk transport. Generally reliable and extremely nimble for their size, the Swan was a very popular transport upon its initial roll-out. I’m in the process of purchasing her. In the meantime, we find work where we can—usually legitimate, but sometimes we work in the gray, if you get my meaning.

As you probably already know, I served with the Independents in the war. If that’s a problem, there’s the door. I did what I thought was right the best way I knew how. We lost. I got no regrets. But the war’s over. We’re not going to refight it on my ship.

The only thing that I expect from each of you is to do what you think is right the best way you know how. And to occasionally put up with an old war story from my time on the Royal Oak. It’s my privelege as Captain.

So welcome aboard the Acorn. May she not fall far from the tree from which I named her.

—Captain James Alvin Wellfounder (RIP July 2518)


Swan Song Introduction



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Swan Song

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