News from the Cortex

Here are some news captures and press releases from the Cortex that may be of interest…

15 January 2518
Three Killed in Recruiting Station Bombing (Times of Londinium)

28 February 2518
Bombing Investigation Yields Results (Times of Londinium)

17 March 2518
Gov’t Med. Complex Bombed, Twelve Killed, More Injured (Ariel Observer : Core Systems Edition)

27 March 2518
Radicals Bomb Textile Mill in Lu’Weng (Sihnon Daily News)

3 April 2518
Commentaries on Jonathan Crane (The Star of Liberty)

22 May 2518
Capital City Falls Victim to Serial Bomber (Osiris Sentinel)

27 May 2518
Federal Marshals Capture Member of Crane’s Gang (Osiris Sentinel)

7 June 2518
Serial Bombers Apprehended…Crane Still At Large (The Pomegranate—Persephone)

13 July 2518
Perdition Penal Facility Debacle: Commandant Now Fugitive, Riots Quelled (The Herald—Hera)

7 December 2518
Cortex-Wide Broadwave Shakes Parliament (Alliance Broadwave Service)

13 December 2518
Interview: Dr. Radley Lyon (Transcript: Newsline)

3 January 2519
Special Parliamentary Commission To Investigate ‘Pax Wave’ Incident (The Times of Londinium)

8 February 2519
After Procedural Delays, “Pax” Commission Convenes on Londinium (The Times of Londinium)

21 February 2519
Interview: “Ishmael” (Transcript: Newsline)

15 March 2519
Commentaries on the Pax Commission (The Star of Liberty)

19 March 2519
Portman Publicly Summons “Ishmael” to Testify (The Times of Londinium)

22 March 2519
UAP Military Shifts Resources to Burnham Quadrant (Alliance Broadwave Service)

12 May 2519
Lu’Weng Underworld Takes Revenge Against Neighborhood Watch Leader (Sihnon Daily News)

17 June 2519
Blue Sun Corporation Technicians Testify Before Pax Commission (Alliance Broadwave Service)

2 July 2519
Newswave Anchor Released—Declares “Ishmael” Interview a Hoax (Alliance Broadwave Service)

27 August 2519
Chancellor Xiao Endures Third Week of Testimony (The Times of Londinium)

25 December 2519
Wayland Station Rocked By Yuletide Explosion (The Herald—Hera)

10 January 2520
Retiree Found Murdered in Ranch Home (New Huntsville Times—Beaumonde)

17 February 2520
Chancellor Xiao Resigns On Eve of Commission Report (The Times of Londinium)

18 February 2520
Pax Commission Releases Report on Findings (Alliance Broadwave Service)

7 April 2520
Murder Victim Had Questionable Financials (New Huntsville Times—Beaumonde)

23 April 2520
Xiao Sentenced for Miranda Conspiracy (The Times of Londinium)

14 May 2520
Prominent Demeter Business Figure Cited As Person of Interest In Murder Investigation (The Pomegranate—Persephone)

8 July 2520
Slave-Mining Operation Uncovered on Hera (The Herald—Hera)

News from the Cortex

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